Tuesday, February 5, 2013

From the Editor's Desk 2-03-13

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Sorry I've been MIA. I've been super busy with school and trying to keep up with reading commitments.  I am hoping that even if I can't get reviews posted as I plan, that I will at least be able to do this weekly post.  Baby steps is what I am aiming for. 

Books Received 
In an attempt to be more consistent and not do so many posts, I am combining my reading pile post with my books received post (this is known by many names, and is self-explanatory). 

Yeah so my "break" was very short lived. I guess that should be expected since I love books so much! But this is what I got:
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 I found these for a great price at Half Price Books. 
Strange Tales by Rudyard Kipling 
Hawk Quest by Robert Lyndon 
Anything We Love Can Be Saved by Alice Walker

What I am Currently Reading:

I am currently reading One Sunday by  Carrie Gerlach Cecil.  I can't say that I'm into it right now, honestly. It's for review, so I'll save my final thoughts for when I finish, but right now I waffling over it. 

What I will be reading:
After One Sunday I plan on diving into A Hint of Frost by Hailey Edwards and then Soul Bound by Anne Hope. But it is Tuesday currently and I'm still struggling through One Sunday. I doubt that I will finish three books this week, especially when you throw in school and its readings as well. But here's hoping. 

What I wish I was reading right now:
Well, I think I will be reading for upcoming tours and other odds and ends until mid-March. I am not sure how that happened, and I'm not really complaining since they are all books that I want to read as well. But that also means that I haven't made much more progress on completing series. So, when I have completed all of those obligations, I think I am going to sink into the last three books of the Otherworld series by Kelley Armstrong. I have been putting it off because I'm not really ready to say good-bye. On the other hand, I am so dying to see what happens. 

Netgalley Adds
I've received a few more galleys, but these are the ones I can't wait to read! (Links are to Goodreads)

Well, that's all from my desk! Leave a link or mention in the comments what you're reading this week!!

Always Shine,
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