Editor's Pick

This is going to become a regular meme on this blog, but for now here is my list of trusted authors. These are authors whom I trust to always write something I will definitely enjoy and can always recommend. As things begin to change on this blog, these are the authors that the change will not affect. I will always read their books, I will always post the reviews here. This is a hard earned spot, and they should know that I appreciate the time that they invest in their stories, worlds and adventure. 
(I will come back one day and organize, but for now it's a list)
Ted Dekker
Frank Peretti 
Darby Karchut
Kelley Armstrong
Robert Liparulo
Stephen Lawhead
Nancy Holder
Steven James
Kevin Hearne
Lisa McMann
Orson Scott Card
Ray Bradbury 
Octavia Butler 
J. Gabriel Gates & Charlene Keel 
Tim Downs 

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