Saturday, February 9, 2013

Review: One Sunday

One Sunday by Carrie Gerlach Cecil
288 pages- Fiction, Christian, Adult
February 12, 2013 – Howard Books
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Twitter: @carriegcecil
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Purpose: Review
                To say that this book wasn’t for me would be putting it nicely.  I had some issues ranging from minor to deal-breaking serious.  Starting with the minor ones, towards the end of the novel the perspective switched from first person to third person. I understand why this happened (or at least I have my own reasons for it happening) but the transition was neither smooth nor consistent.  Since this was not something that was done throughout the entire novel it is jarring at times.
                Despite the misinformation that is perpetually passed on- you do not hold a person down when they have a seizure. You make the environment around them safe (by removing objects as necessary, getting them out of the way or sliding the person to the floor if they are standing).  Also you don’t do anything to the tongue-you don’t hold it, you don’t put anything in their mouth. First of all, the person’s mouth may be clamped shut. Secondly, they will not swallow their tongue. For me this was more than a writer not knowing any better, the mistake became even more apparent since it was a doctor who made it. The final minor issue was the fact that Alice constantly referred to herself as fat or some variation. She’s pregnant and she gained it, but there was no need to pound that point into annoyance.
                Now the deal-breaking issue, if this had not happened I believe that all of my other complaints could have been overlooked. But I did not connect to Alice at all. Her memories jumped all over the place; while they weren’t random they often felt chaotic.  Anything I say beyond this point would not be beneficial. I think that if I had connected with the character(s) things would have turned out a lot differently. 
                This story was beautifully written, don’t get me wrong.  Cecil has a wonderful way with words. But for me, it read like a biography of someone who, in the end, wasn’t that interesting.  I really wanted to like this story, but in the end I didn’t.
2 Stars **
A copy of this novel was given to me, free, in exchange for my honest opinion.
Always Shine,
Starr K

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