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Review: Incarnation

Incarnation by Emma Cornwall
Gallery Books – September 18, 2012
332 pages – Adult, Steampunk, Paranormal, Fantasy,
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I received a copy of this digital galley, free, in exchange for my honest opinion.
Vampires, werewolves, the legend of King Arthur, Bram Stoker  and steampunk?! Are you kidding me? I was in heaven while reading this. What an odd combination that shouldn’t work so well together, but I am happy to report that it goes beyond that. It was a fresh look into the person of Bram Stoker as well as the story of Dracula. It was very original.
                I am rather new to the whole world of steampunk, and will never claim to be an expert. It is something that is popping up more frequently and I have to admit that I enjoy what I’ve read  of it so far (for the most part).  I couldn’t tell you whether this was light or heavy steampunk, that is not my area of expertise. Lucy’s story was easy to follow and get lost in.  What I really loved about this story was that the creature didn’t determine the morality of the character. There were good vampires as well as bad ones. There were questionable creatures of the night, downright dark and evil creatures as well as those who were trying to do their best to protect, or even hold onto, humanity.
                Lucy was an interesting character, she was new to this world –one she didn’t know had even existed. I am not sure if it was intentional, but there was the hint of a love triangle. Though, normally I am not a fan of triangles I would like to see how this one is played out.  As she learns about what she’s become it becomes apparent that there are things in her past that we don’t know enough about.  Being the creature that both humans and vampires should fear is an interesting concept – one that wasn’t completely developed in this book.
                Marco is the protector of humanity and Lucy’s love interest. While it did feel a little insta-lovish, it wasn’t. Marco and Lucy shared a connection before her incarnation but, she doesn’t really remember it. This was another area that I found myself wanting a little more from.  Mordred is the son of King Arthur and King of the Vampires. I haven’t completely developed an opinion about him; I think that there’s something lurking in his shadows. I like him, but . . . Yes, there’s a but, and I am not sure how I want to finish that thought.
                The bad guys were deliciously violent, manipulative and uncomfortably unlikable.  Is this the beginning of a series?  I don’t know but I hope so. While this feels like a complete story, I still have a few questions. The war has been averted –for now- but there are still a few unresolved issues. Though I did enjoy this read a lot more before I realized how open the ending was.
Recommendation: This is really worth checking out. Fans of the various genres will not be disappointed.
What Next? Not sure, couldn’t really find much info on the author. (Emma Cornwall is a pen name). Incarnation just released so Facebook and Goodreads are only talking about Incarnation. But I will be keeping my eyes and ears out if something else comes along.

4 Stars ****

Always Shine,
Starr K

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