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Review: Yesterday's Daughter

Yesterday’s Daughter by Sallie Lundy-Frommer

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Rating: Slow start, but when it picks up it’s amazing. 

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            Immediately I am curious about Grace, who believes and acts as if she is a vampire. But, if it wasn’t for this strange fact becoming known right at the beginning, I am not sure if I would feel engaged in the story. I know that the beginning is the time to lay the foundation, but there is a lot of showing and not telling . I was slow to catch the rhythm of the voice of the writer. For me, at first, I was turned off by the amount of words it took to say something. But do not for one second be mistaken, this is a truly awesome book.
            For me, everything started picking up and falling into place at Chapter 6.  
At this point it is so much easier to get lost in the story. Though, I have to say that there are moments when the flow is interrupted by the overuse or repetition of certain words. Yes, this is nitpicky things to mention, but I am only mentioning these minor flaws in the hopes that it helps. I want another book by Sallie Lundy-Frommer. She is very talented, and overall this story is amazing.  So on to the things I liked about this story.
            I really liked the original idea behind it, this was a fresh take on an old idea of vampires and vampire hunters. Some would complain about the overexplaining (maybe) but in truth it really is necessary. It is the only way to make Grace and Malachi’s love special and believable instead of quick and unfitting.  There is a lot that would be missed without the knowledge gained throughout the book. At the beginning it seems a slow and unbearable pace, but the characters move you to keep going.
            Grace is weird. I mean, who really believes and acts as if they are a vampire without proof?  But she is also a strong and great female lead. There is something about her that doesn’t become clear until Malachi comes into the picture.  She has the strength to be the deadliest creature but what you see is a gentleness that is the perfect balance for Malachi.  Malachi is every woman’s dream; he is strong, masculine and protective as well as sensitive and intimate.  Though it is their destiny to be together, and all evidence points to Grace being dead, Malachi holds onto an unexplained hope.  He doesn’t sit around waiting for Grace to come back into his life, he goes looking for her. Time did nothing to change their fate, except perhaps make them stronger for it.
            There are so many things that I could say about the actual story, but in truth I wasn’t completely prepared for the ending. I mean some of it I could see coming. Some of it I couldn’t and that made the story so much better for me.  The ending  left me wanting more of Malachi and Grace’s story because I know that there is so much yet to be discovered and I am certain that there are more obstacles to be tackled.

Always Shine,
Starr K

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