Sunday, April 29, 2012

I think that I have done it! Balance, Rhythm and what this Blog will be

Everyone looks for it and they all eventually find it somehow. Or at least the semblance of it. What is that I am talking about? Balance. It is what I have been trying to find since I started this blog and found myself getting slightly overwhelmed with all of the outside noise and what I want this blog to be. I know that there are a lot of things that are offered on other blogs, giveaways and author connections, etc. But I started this blog to review books. I chose to not specialize in anything because I read everything. I don't think that YA is better than adult. I don't think that paranormal is better than romance. I like to read good books. I follow several blogs, some are just regular joe blogs that share the love of reading. Some are author connections that I choose to follow as a way of honing my craft and take me one step closer to becoming a better writer. I thought that to be a good blog host, I would have to post a review everyday. I am a fast reader, but not that fast. (If that was the case I wouldn't be playing catch up). In truth, this blog is whatever I choose for it to be. I want this to be a place that introduces people to awesome books. For the most part, I want to highlight books that may get overlooked. They may not be books that are about to be released. One day I may have caught up enough with my backlog that I'll be able to do that.  I would like to host regular giveaways. Maybe one day I will get to that. I would also like to follow other bloggers meme's and/or read-a-longs. One day, I will definitely get to that. But after some disheartening news about one of the first blogs I began, I thought that I should follow my rule of thumb that I use with my in-the-flesh friends. Always be careful who you line yourself up with. I have not taken sides on any issues (if you  know what I am talking about, then you do. If you don't then don't worry about it). Sometimes, I think it is best not to know what I know or what I think I know. But, anyhoo. I follow too many blogs to keep up with, so yes I will be rethinking about who I follow. Maybe I'll keep following them all. But, now that I have found my rhythm I think I owe it to you as my reader (whether one time or continuous) to maintain that rhythm. I am redoing the way that I review books and I will be redoing the way that I choose books to review. I have found a balance by going back to my original idea for this blog -to talk about and share books. So there will be reviews, but I also want to be able to discuss the idea found in books. So, I will be sure to label all reviews as such so that if you're not interested in anything else you can pass on it. I would like to highlight authors that have wowed me and some that have not. Nothing will be done with the intent to harm, if I don't like something I will not bash it. But, I will offer my thoughts as an avid reader in the hopes of encouraging and making something better. That is all that I can do. I hope that you all enjoy the journey of reading we are about to embark on.

Always Shine,
Starr K

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