Monday, November 7, 2011

New Author Monday

New Author Monday
This is where I share with you a new author that I have come across, in passing or by reading one of their books.   The only requirement to be considered is that the author cannot have more than 5 published books. Why 5? Sometimes I come across an author that amazes me with their talent, and that makes me want to get my hands on even more of their work. For me walking out of a bookstore with 4 books in hand is not strange at all.

J. Gabriel Gates is my first new author!!!!

I am a reviewer for netgalley and was lucky enough to get an early galley of his latest novel, The Sleepwalkers. I then got an email asking if I wanted to read and review his first novel, Dark Territory. You would think that I had been handpicked for my own book contract. Of course I said yes, but in the process of reading and school and everything else my life consists of I forgot about Dark Territory. Until the day it arrived in the mail.  I was so stoked about it that I took it to work with me. I even started reading it that night, but when I came home I realized that I had already started two other books and should really finish those and all the other ones that were in the TBR pile. It was only fair but man was I sad.
                This was my introduction to the writing of J. Gabriel Gates. I have since finishedDark Territory and will have the review up this week.  Sleepwalkers is now out and available as well.  My review of Sleepwalkers will be up next week (?). My advice? Go out and get both titles. I was so impressed with Dark Territory, way before I even hit the quarter mark. There are some books that tease you with an intriguing beginning only to have you throwing the book across the room because of a horrible ending. This was not the case. Almost 500 pages and I still want more of the tracks, flatliners and toppers.

Here is some basic info about J. Gabriel Gates: 

He is a native of Michigan, and he got his B.A. in theater from Florida State University. 

He is the author of two books: Dark Territory and The Sleepwalkers. 

Dark Territory Is part of The Tracks series. Book two, Ghost Crown, is due out in 2012. (Both of these have Charlene Keel as a co-author). 

Look for my reviews , coming soon. In the meantime you want more info or want to talk with this author? You can find him on goodreads, his website ( or onFacebook

I am definitely looking forward to reading more from Gates, and if by chance you read this post: If you suddenly decided to publish Ghost Crown for Christmas I personally wouldn’t be mad at you at all. Not even a little bit. 

Is there an author you think that I should check out? Leave all recommendations in the comment section!

Always Shine,
Starr K

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