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Book Tour: The Cadet of Tildor

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The Cadet of Tildor by Alex Lidell
400 Pages- Fantasy, Young Adult/Middle Grade. Fiction
Dial –January 10, 2013
Twitter: AlexLidell
Source: Publisher via AToMR
Purpose: Part of the Blog tour
Rating: PG for violence and criminal activity
From Goodreads: Tamora Pierce meets George R. R. Martin in this smart, political, medieval fantasy-thriller. There is a new king on the throne of Tildor. Currents of political unrest sweep the country as two warring crime families seek power, angling to exploit the young Crown's inexperience. At the Academy of Tildor, the training ground for elite soldiers, Cadet Renee de Winter struggles to keep up with her male peers. But when her mentor, a notorious commander recalled from active duty to teach at the Academy, is kidnapped to fight in illegal gladiator games, Renee and her best friend Alec find themselves thrust into a world rife with crime, sorting through a maze of political intrigue, and struggling to resolve what they want, what is legal, and what is right.

My Thoughts: It seems that I am on a roll with books that surprise me! And that is awesome in and of itself. I loved reading The Cadet of Tildor, I loved being in that world. There was depth in the characters, depth in the questions being asked. The plot was engaging and flowed from one point to the next.  There really wasn’t a clear set of good guys and bad guys. Who you side with really depends on your own personal belief system, and yes even that is questioned.
                How awesome is it that the main character is female? The story just wouldn’t be the same if the MC was male. Honor. Strength.  Loyalty.  What does it really mean to be a servant to the crown? Cadet Renee de Winter chose this path when she could have chosen something else. It wasn't an easy path, and despite the numerous obstacles. She’s the last girl standing and it seems that everyone is against her. She wants to prove that she’s just as good as the boys. But maybe she’s trying to prove the wrong thing?
                Enter Commander Savoy, who realizes that she’s not just as good as the boys but that she’s better than the boys.  He seems brutal at worst and cruel at best.  Though he is immature at times, he is a strong and respected leader. Events unfold that shows nothing is what it seem, nothing is what we thought they were at first glance.  What is right is murky and it doesn’t always line up with the law.  There are so many twists in this story that if one is not careful one can completely miss the philosophy that is succulently woven in.
                There is something between Savoy and de Winter. I think it may have started out as attraction in the school girl crush kind of way. In the end it’s more as comrades and true respect of skills. I like this approach a lot better.
I leave you with this quote” Savoy nodded his head, ‘That one, Cory, will one day command us all.’ “
5 Stars *****
1st favorite of 2013
What’s Next? I am not sure if this is a standalone or if it will be part of a series.  I think I could be happy
either way.
I received a copy of this title, free, in exchange for my honest opinion. 
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