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From the Editor's Desk (1)

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Along with some of the changes that I am making to the blog, I am adding some memes to make things a little bit more organized and that helps me not fall off the radar -again.  From the Editor's Desk will be weekly meme that will discuss the books that  I will be reading and books that I wish to be reading. This was inspired by Rachel's Reading Pile  from Fiktshun. She has like 4 blogs that she maintains and I am inspired. I will never be able to handle more than 1 blog, but what she does works. Since I enjoy reading hers so much, I thought that I would tweak it for my blog. (Her layouts are awesome!)

What I am Currently Reading:

I am currently reading Daughter of the Sword by Steve Bein. It's about a female cop in Tokyo, Japan and a sword that is more than what it seems. It's a library book that's due Wednesday so I thought that I would go ahead and get started. It's a different world, and with everything stacked against Mariko Oshiro, there's plenty of room for things to go wrong.  But she sounds like a touch character, and I guess you would have to   be if you were the only female detective in Tokyo and your boss would rather you bring him tea or coffee than solve cases. It's interesting so far and I hope to finish it before I have to return it.

I am also reading Trapped by Kevin Hearne. Oh Atticus! How I love Atticus, and how I pitty him. There really isn't a dull moment with him around. This time I don't think that Atticus knows how he will survive this adventure. But, since I know that book 6, Hunted is due out next year and that books 7-9 are contracted, I can rest easy knowing that somehow he does survive. Now does that mean that everything and everyone is safe. No, Hammered taught me that hard lesson. Since he is featured on the next book cover, I will assume that Grainuaile has not taken his place as the Iron Druid. At book 5 you would think that we would get tired of all the trouble that he somehow finds himself in. But then there's the humor, Oberon, and the wit and just plain good ol' zoning out and enjoying Hearne's magnificent writing.  I could complain, I guess, but I won't.

What I will be reading:
I will be participating in a book tour with Shane over at Itching for Books for Doomed by Tracey Deebs.
It sounds like it's a fresh look at the Pandora myth. I don't know. But I'm hoping to start it after I finish up Daughter of the Sword.

What I wish I was reading right now:
Yes, I know that there are a gazillion books that were recently released or about to be released.  I try to keep on top of all that but to keep my book lust in line, I sometimes overlook those and glance at my bookshelves. (Due to space all of the books I have out and are visible are books I have yet to read. Maybe one day, I will do a bookshelf tour). But the books here, are books that I just knew I would enjoy but haven't quite got around to reading  -yet.  Oh I could list all of the books and it would just make me pine for them even more. So for the part, I will never go over 3 books but ideally stick to 1. (Next time, not today). There are three books that I wish I could pick up and read right now: The Lost Gate by Orson Scott Card. I LOVE Orson Scott Card!. Falling Kingdoms by Morgan Rhodes It's just sitting there, begging me to pick it up. And finally, Red Country by Jor Abercrombie. I was hooked from the cover. And when it arrived, yes I cracked it open and read a few pages. But that was only a tease, a painful tease and I can't wait to get back to it.

Well, that's all from my desk! Leave a link or mention in the comments what you're reading this week!!

Always Shine,
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