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Review: Island of Silence

Island of Silence by Lisa McMann
The Unwanteds #2
Aladdin – September 4, 2012
414pages –Children’s Fiction, fantasy
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Twitter: @lisa_mcmann
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A digital galley of this title was given to me, free, in exchange for my honest review.
                How could you do this to me Ms. McMann??!!!How could you weave sucha  magical and wonderful story, force me on a stomach-clenching emotional rollercoaster and then just leave me hanging? That is cruel, cruel punishment and extremely unfair!  The Unwanteds was a nice read with a pretty satisfying ending; the story was complete on its own but left you wanting more. I was even curious about what was going to happen. But not so with Island of Silence! I was left with so many questions and so many unresolved feelings. I wonder if it would have been better to waited for book 3 to come out. I am not a fan of cliffhangers at all!!! That is why my rule, in general, is to wait until most of a series is out before I start it.
                This is not to say that IOS is not worth picking up, because it so totally is.  Putting aside the cliffhanger ending, I really enjoyed reading this. There is so much to love with this book. First, being the tremendous growth and development with the characters. Then there’s the plot- it literally pulls you in with little nuggets at a time. The deception, misplaced trust, and other unknowns keep you at the edge of your seat. There’s the main question of what is becoming of Alex and Aaron, the twins who remain on opposing side. But other issues keep popping up.
                The Unwanteds who once faced the purge, now have the opportunity to go back to Quill and reunite with their families. Some of them have been welcomed back while others have been met with open rejection.  The friendship between Lani, Samheed, Meghan and Alex has grown as has their responsibility in Artime. This time it was so much easier to connect with the characters and rally on the side of Artime (and not just because they were the good guys). Atrtime is something that I believe in and could stand by. Alex was a bit of a whiner in the first book, but now he is maturing. I can understand why Mr. Today has chosen him for the position he wants to give Alex.  Even though Alex doesn’t see himself as the leader Mr. Today sees him as, when the time comes Alex steps into that role smoothly and without consciously deciding to do so. He does what he does because it is the right thing to do.  He really does become the leader he was meant to be.
                Amidst the mess and struggle of blending the two worlds together, Aaron finds himself lost and far from where he wants to be. But that doesn’t stop him. After a brief period of wandering around, he comes up with a plan and starts recruiting disgruntled Wanteds. It is only the beginning of his twisted plans to destroy Artime and his twin Alex.
                Then there is the issue of the silent; the pair of kids with thorns around their necks that washed up on the shores of Artime. No one knows where they came from  and they’re unconscious. There is so much going on in the sequel and it’s wonderful! There is a little bit of something for everyone. IOS wasa  an engaging and magical read. Alex Stowe, the good twin, is flawed and growing. Aaron Stowe, the evil twin, is manipulative with some redeeming qualities.
Recommendation: This was a magical read and I think all readers will enjoy it despite the teasing ending.  Great for young readers!
What’s Next? So far, I have not heard mention of Book 3 anywhere on the web. That may be because IOS literally just came out. (Per twitter conversation with Lisa McMann, she is already working on Book 3!)

5 Stars *****
Cliffhanger Ending Forgiven 

Always Shine,
Starr K

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