Sunday, September 30, 2012

Catch-up Reada-Thon Wrap Up

Whew! It's over, and now I am going to share what I accomplished with this read-a-thon. First let's get to the Stats.

The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien: pages read - 13 pages - still reading

Wild Seed by Octavia Butler 62 pages - finished on Saturday

Going Under by Georgia -18 pages - still reading

Total pages read (including previous updates: 687 pages.
 Two books completed during readathon, one completed the day after.

No one else wanted to join me so, I won't be doing a giveaway but I may buy me a book off of my wishlist.

I have spent the weekend thinking about whether or not I wanted to do another readathon before my classes begin in three weeks. I looked at the total pages read, and all of the things that I would be doing between now and then. With subbing, I didn't have all the free time that I thought that I would. But I will also not be working in the evenings, helping my family out. My days will have more structure and time will soon be divded.
 But honestly, I didn't read any more than I normally would have with a regular week. Of course, that's just me guessing since I've never kept track of how much I read before. Usually, I picked up a book, read it, write the first draft of the review and moved on. I read much faster than I post reviews, but I usually finish about 3 books a week (if it's a good week). So I don't think I will be doing another read-a-thon, at least not to catch up since I didn't really make a dent in things. But I have decided that maybe I can compile all the books into certain themes and knock out titles that way. Unfortunately, I looked at my netgalley account and saw tons of books that I was excited about reading when I requested them but somehow fell off my radar once I was approved for them. The biggest reason is simply out of sight -out of mind since they are all on my Kindle. But I am getting better with that.
As you may have noticed, I have started adding pages in an attempt to categorize the focus of my blog. I went from having 3 pages to 9 and I am debating on whether or not I want to add one for all of the series that I'm in the midst of reading. (Yea, it's probably going to happen because I just counted 7 off the top of my head). This is another reason my Netgalley account has accumulated so many titles, they are books  4, 5, or 6 of a series and it doesn't mention that when I request it ( I do try to avoid requesting books in a series for review unless it's the first one.)
So for the next couple of weeks I will be focusing on self-pub titles, Edelweiss and the tours that I am a part of, and then will start organizing other books into categories. One day, I will not have to play catch-up. But at least, right now I am no longer drowning.

I do want to apologize because sometimes life does get in the way of posting reviews, and I will be working much harder to make sure that they are all posted in a timely manner. I enjoy blogging , but when it starts to feel like work or an obligation I tend to shut down from it. When I started it, blogging was a bonus to the enjoyment I have with reading and I would like to keep it that way.

This week is Banned Book Week, what banned book is your favorite? If you have the time, pick up a banned book and give it a try.

Please leave tips and other comments in the comment section below.

Always Shine,

Starr K

P.S. Since I didn't post a lot of reviews this month, I will do a dual wrap-up at the end of October.


  1. Oh, that would have been fun: I didn't realize you'd been planning this! I've only ever participated in one week-long RAT and I had the same experience you've described here (that I really didn't read much more than I would have in a regular reading week), but I think I would just have to plan it out a little more on another occasion. I've participated in some single-day RAT's, but somehow the techniques that I've used to reserve a single day (or portions of it) didn't work when it came to a weeklong event. Or, maybe I just need to practice?!

    Good luck with the re-focus and with reading through the stacks!

    1. I didn't so much as plan as this as allowed the thought to form in my head (which may be the reason why I was the only one participating :P). I like doing the short RATs because I am able to do some serious reading. Plus with the short ones it covers up the fact that I'm a poor planner.