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Review: Starring Me

Starring Me by Krista McGee
Thomas Nelson, July 10 2012
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Rating: Light, funny, a perfect summer read and a new favorite

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Yes, you saw correctly. This is the second book that I have said has been a favorite.  This is McGee’s second book, and it takes place sometime after First Date.  I have not read this, but I will be soon, so I don’t know if this is a series or just another stand alone with the same characters. From what I’ve gathered First Date focuses on Addy, who is best friends with Kara. Kara is the focus of Starring Me.  I don’t feel like I’ve missed anything and probably wouldn’t have known that this was not the first if I had not been looking for more by this author.
Kara McCormick has always wanted to act. Her dream has been to end up on TV. She gets her shot when she is one out of ten girls vying for a slot on a new teen variety show. Chad Beacon, recent winner of America’s Next Star, wants to do something more than singing. Neither really knows what it is that God has in store for them.
Wow! I have to say that I loved this book. Kara is such a funny girl. She is all about family, which makes sense since she has a huge one. I’m glad that she stands out form the other girls because of the goodness in her character.  That is not most often the case. Regardless of where she’s at and how far she makes it in the contest, she remains down to earth. She doesn’t get sucked into the glitz and the glamour of stardom. She’s still flawed-still human. She gets nervous and she second-guesses her talent. She has her own insecurities that are definitely relatable. The auditions and select people around her, begin to show Kara that there is more to life than acting, television and fame. At first Kara doesn’t get it, but then she starts seeking.
Her seeking is the critical part of the story. It has the potential to being overdone where it would have come across as cheesy. If it was underdone it would have been a complete miss, ruining the entire book. Instead, the seeking was perfect and fitting of Kara’s personality.  Chad is discontent but grateful for the opportunities that he has been given since winning America’s Next Star. He wants to do something that will allow him use more of his talents and gifts. He takes a step of faith,  despite his moments of doubt, and agrees to do the variety show. Though he’s nervous about what his decision will mean, he is excited about the show. It was refreshing to see the main characters not be your typical obnoxious teenagers. They had to deal with some real situations and find out the answers to their questions themselves.  Their faith was authentic and showed just how God meets people where they are.
Recommendation: I would recommend this to youth who are curious about Christianity, what it means to live out their faith, and to anyone who is looking for a good, clean, enjoyable read.
What’s next:   So far future works are not mentioned.  
This book was given to me, free, in exchange for my honest opinion.  
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