Thursday, July 19, 2012

Review: The Iron Druid Chronicles

The Iron Druid Chronicles by Kevin Hearne

Book 1: Hounded Orbit  September 1,2011    Goodreads

Book 2: Hexed Del Ray June 7, 2011 Goodreads

This is not going to be my typical review. Mainly because it's been a minute since I've read Hexed, so it wouldn't be fair since I wouldn't be able to pull out the details. But also because, it'll will probably sound a little redundant with my review of Hexed.   First I must thank Candace from Candace's Book Blog, because I heard about this series from one of her posts. I didn't really know what to expect, so I checked out the first one and I was so stoked about this series. 

Atticus, though he would rather live his life in peace and fade into the scenery around him, He has no such luck. The gods are after him, or after the sword that he carries or...or... or... It's just easier to say that he is a magnet for trouble, whether it be from his own pantheon of gods or demons or his own attempts to right a wrong.  He has way to many close calls to be comfortable with. His neighbors are eccentric in more ways than he can imagine. Oberon, his trusty  hound is there with him, along with an array of characters that made me fall in love with the story even more.  

There was humor (a whole lot of it, people thought I was crazy because I couldn't contain my laughter), there was the dread of "what else could possibly go wrong?"  There was some Kick-assery going on too. I really like this series, and I will be picking up the third book soon.  I was able to get completely lost in each book, and unfortunately I came to the end a little to quick for my liking. I am not sure if this review is enough to convince you to go pick it up, I hope it is. If it's not, but you're curious about it, check out Candace's blog for her thoughts on it. 

Both of these books were fun, and so entertaining I know you will like them 

What's next?  Hammered Del Ray, July 5, 2011

Always Shine, 
Starr K

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  1. You are so awesome! There's no bigger flattery than knowing your review convinced someone to read a book! I LOVE this series, though you already know that ;) And I'm SO glad you gave it a chance and loved it! I hope you love the rest of the books just as much! Thanks so much for the link love too, that's always appreciated!