Sunday, July 22, 2012

Review: Changeling

Changeling by Yasmine Galenorn
Sisters of the Moon #2
Berkley (reissue edition) June 5, 2007
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Source: Louisville Free Public Library

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I really enjoyed Witchling, it was a great kick off for what is turning out to be an awesome series. There is so much that is beneath the surfaces that it will take a while to uncover all of the secrets of the sisters. There’s so much more to be discovered. This is something that the D’Artigo sisters realize in Changeling. Even though the book tells a complete story, it also leaves you wanting more. Changeling  is from Delilah’s perspective.  She’s a were that turns into a tabby cat. This may not seem so impressive, but Delilah herself is an impressive character.
Even though I knew that Shadow Wing was not defeated, I was really hoping that he would at least be deterred. But of course, he wasn’t not even in the least little bit. Things are rapidly unraveling in Otherworld, and this causes even more havoc Earthside.  Again, the sisters stand up facing the attacks head on when no one else does. Of course, no one else really knows how much danger they are in. Besides all of the things that I learned about the sisters and new powers and abilities that are emerging, Changeling has left me with a huge dislike of spiders.
It is beginning to get easier to visualize the world that the D’Artigo sisters live in, as well as the supernatural creatures that reside there. The second visit to this world it is easier to see how the world is knitting itself together and it’s easier to settle into. I really like the feel of the world. 
All of the sisters have grown since Witchling, but they’ve all done so in their own unique way.  Since Delilah is the voice of this book, it is difficult to see how Camille and Menolly have changed.  Delilah is optimistic and a bit naiive, and she is the one that has the most dramatic change. She also seems to be the one who struggles the most with her identity and place in this world and the other.  Though at the end, all of her identity issues are not resolved, she has found peace and comfort in being who she is.  Still, there is so much more to her – to all of the sisters. I think it won’t come out until it’s time and there’s a reason for it.  Delilah will certainly come into her own. Camille is still twisted up in her love triangle, with the addition of a fourth member.  Menolly is ever the big sister, who is slowly realizing that her little sisters are growing up. The dynamics of the sisters’ relationships with each other is realistic and that pulls you into the story even more.
While I could keep going and talk about the secondary characters that pop up and find a way to grab your attention, I won’t. The bad guys are definitely nastier this time. The battle is even more challenging and draining.  The character development is exciting, and tells me that I won’t be leaving this series anytime soon. They are not the same people that we met on Book 1, and that makes me very happy. They are stronger and even more capable  of dealing with the events that are unfolding. I love watching characters grow.

Recommendation:  This is a must for those who are fans of witches, vampires, weres and other supernatural beings. Yep, there’s even a dragon.

What's Next?  Darkling 
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  1. This sounds like a neat series I hadn't heard of it before. I'll have to take a peek at the first book but it sounds like the series as a whole will be really good. And ps - I already have a huge dislike for spiders >.<

  2. I really like this series, and I am very happy with the character growth that happens with each book. Definitely worth checking out.