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Review: The Last Werewolf

The Last Werewolf by Glen Duncan
Knopf – July 12, 2011

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Rating: This was an adventurous read and I definitely recommend it! 
Source: Louisville Free Public Library

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            For the most part,  I have been reading a lot of YA or the kind that could go for adults or YA, which mean that they were safe. Although, I enjoy all genres, too much of one thing is – well too much. So The Last Werewolf was a much needed read for me. It took me a while to get into this book. But on the recommendation of a colleague, I pushed through. I am so glad that I did. Once I made it through the whining, angst and self-pity the story really picked up. Don’t get me wrong, I was compelled to keep reading from the beginning.  But Jacob Marlow is a real whiner.
            After reading the last page, all I could say is “wow!” There really is quite a story inside, and it will take you to all sorts of different places. Are the “goo” guys really good? Are the “bad” guys all that bad? Two questions that are hard to answer when there really aren’t any true good guys around. Jacob turns out to be an okay sort- for a 201 year old werewolf. I guess if I was to live that long without purpose or love, I would find it difficult to not want to give up too. I do like the fact that Jacob didn’t want to kill himself, but only wanted to stop fighting the inevitable.
            When Jacob finds Tallula, three things happen. First, he finds purpose and love to keep living and not go gently. Secondly, the story gets a kick in the pants and picks up the pace. Finally, Tallula steals the show.  She’s really a better werewolf than Jacob is.  But this is subtle and it in no way displaces Jacob.
            The ending. Oh man, the ending!!!! The ending and the switch sneaks up on you with such grace and gentleness that it’s almost natural. I love it! I want to talk about it! I won’t, it is so much better if you experience it for yourself.  The ending is the redeeming of all the whining one had to go through to reach this point, and even if the rest of the book was slightly horrible, the ending would make it all worth it. Naturally, I like the violence that is insulated in the bones of any werewolf story. But there is a beauty here that is not found elsewhere.  This is the werewolf story that is transformed into something other. Well done Duncan, well done!! I am impressed.

Always Shine,
Starr K

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