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Review of Illusion by Frank Peretti

Illusion by Frank Peretti
Howard Books - March 6, 2012
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   My first response after finishing Illusion was “Dude that was awesome!” What an amazing ride and great re-meeting with one of the most prolific writers of my time. Before I really get to my review, I have to make a confession. This review is completely biased because I am a huge Peretti fan and I will always read whatever he writes. Whatever he writes. He truly is a storytelling guru. I have been waiting –sometimes patiently and sometimes not - for his next book. When given the opportunity to review Illusion, I literally jumped for the chance. (No it wasn’t a requirement, but I couldn’t contain my excitement.) I danced a crazy jig when I came home to the package sitting on my porch. It was moved immediately to the top of my reading list. I am not trying to offend any other authors or anything, but Peretti has a special place in my heart. I was introduced to him at the beginning of my high school career, at a time when I could have given up on reading. Instead, Peretti pulled me into his world book after book, and I have not been the same since.  Okay… moving on…
            Illusion is not your typical Peretti book, and for me that makes it even better. Some fans will not appreciate the change, but I think it marks growth as a writer and that should be much appreciated.  Going back to the beginning, Peretti has covered subjects such as spiritual warfare, false prophets and the myths of Bigfoot. In Illusion, he tackles the discoveries of science and the possibilities that will come from that. Dane and Mandy is a beautiful and tragic story. It is simultaneously a hurting man reaching out for one last glimpse of the love of his life and a scientist whose experiment spiraled out of control. There is always that unspoken question of is he crazy and grasping for the last hope or is it really happening. Science can be a beautiful thing, but as always, when man twists it for his own purposes something horrible happens.
            I immensely enjoyed reading Illusion; there is nothing that I can say that will capture everything that I feel about this book, and about Peretti himself. He is an author that always amazes me and the only thing I can do is sit back in awe of the masterful piece that has sprung from his fingertips. I enjoyed the glimpse into the heart and soul of Dane and Mandy. I love the fact that even though what has happened was a grown man’s science experiment gone wrong, science is still respected. Sometimes humans go further than they should, challenging boundaries and the scope of their capabilities. Science tends to always lay any moral reservation until a fatal mistake is made. But it is the redeeming quality of Illusion that even in the most tense and dire situations, there is a way out. Yes, it is not your typical story, but it is still captivating and skillfully written. I can only hope that there will not be such a long wait for Peretti’s next book.

A copy of this book was given to me, free of charge, in exchange of my honest review. 

Always Shine, 
Starr K

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  1. Mr. Peretti is simply amazing! His stories are so rich and engrossing that you swear these characters must exist in real life! I love the way he describes supernatural activities and manifestations in very realistic ways. I can't properly express what an outstanding author he is.