Sunday, February 19, 2012

Netgalley reviews and other things I forgotten

Ok, so I was very excited to see that I was making my way through the backlog that is my review pile. I had even participated in Netgalley Month, hosted by Emily at Red House Books so I could focus on some Netgalley titles that have long since been abandoned (not really, but it may seem that way). The year started off with me assigning a specific theme for each month so that I can compile all of my review books and books that I want to read for fun into a semblance of order.  But I just came across a post it of the Netgalley titles that I read last month that I still need to write reviews for. Yep, came up with  a new system to keep the rhythm going between reading and reviewing but totally forgot about the books I have already read. Yes, I am totally taking the “it’s not my fault!” route. I have two more weeks of school and I am in desperate need of a new job, so I am pinning the blame to the backs of those two horses and will be sending them out to be beaten shortly.
 So now I am trying to decide, what the best thing for me to do would be.  I know that I loved both books, and definitely would not be opposed to re-reading them again to write a fresh review. (Both reviews will be positive, but I may be able to pull out the things that I like more easily with a re-read.) But in doing that, I will have to push back my review pile again. But only a little.  Any suggestions??
          Oh and if you are waiting on something, a comment, a review, enchiladas from me and you think that I am taking way too long, feel free to email me.  (Sorry not sending anyone enchiladas, but you can always ask J ). If you feel that I have forgotten you,  I am so sorry, but give me a couple weeks to finish school and I will be catching up tremendously!!!

I must go finish homework now, sad face.  
Always Shine,
Starr K

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