Tuesday, January 10, 2012

What’s In Store for The Literati Press in 2012?

Sorry that it has taken me so long to get back in the habit of posting, but I’m making changes in my life and of course that means changes in my blog.  I have a couple of January deadline books to work through and a whole lot of (well no more than 5 at this time) reviews to get posted.  Over the holidays I took an unscheduled hiatus from my reviewing (hence the backlog) but that gave me time to think. If you have followed my blog for a while, you have probably picked up on the fact that I will read just about anything. I want to help new authors get discovered and to promote their work, I guess you could say that it is my way of paying it forward in the hopes that one day when it is my turn someone else would do me the same courtesy. So these two things make it very hard for me to say no when someone asks me to review their books. Unfortunately, that means that I am going to have to start. I am still going to accept books for review, but I am going to have to be more selective about the books that I am accepting.
I have started two new things, one will continue starting this Saturday and the other I am changing up a bit. I started doing a Short Story Saturday to bring attention to some amazing short stories, and I have found that I really like doing that.  So I will keep that as a weekly thing.  The other weekly thing that I started was New Author Monday.  This will be back in February, but it will be a monthly highlight. It’s kind of hard to coordinate this if the author is participating, so instead of it being something that appears and disappears on a whim, I am going to start slow and then build up as I can. 
The only other big thing I have decided is to follow a monthly theme to help tailor my reading. This is to give me an excuse to dig into books that I’ve been dying to read but put off so that I can get the reviews done.  I have even planned out the first 5 months’ themes. What this means is that I will still be reading my review books but in addition to that (unless I can get super organized) I will be reading books that I apply to the theme. The themes, so far, are:
January –Netgalley Month
February- Multicultural Month
March-Finish That Series Month
April- Netgalley Month
May-Favorite Authors Month (Ted Dekker)
I will be participating in 2 challenges this year. One is the 2012 Debut Author Challenge hosted by the Story Siren And the other is the first ever Freedom of Speech Banned Book Challenge, hosted by me. I will post information about this challenge this weekend in case anyone else wants to participate.  That’s all that’s in store for now, and sorry if it seems that I have pulled a disappearing act. But I am back and as soon as I get caught up on those reviews I mentioned earlier, I’ll be even more consistent. 
Always Shine, 
Starr K

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