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Nick of Time by Tim Downs

Nick of Time by Tim Downs
Thomas Nelson – May 17, 2011
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            Nick is going to be married, Saturday-if he solves the murder of a close and old friend and if he can stay alive that long. And if his fiancé doesn’t kill him first. An old friend contacts Nick and asks for his assistance in a cold case that his friend is very close to solving. Nick takes off to help his friend a week before he’s supposed to get married. In the true fashion of the previous Bug Man adventures, nothing is as it seems.

*For those who have not read Ends of the Earth, I will not reveal the name of Nick’s fiancé.*
Yes, I am completely biased and I only feel that I should I put that out there before I tell you what I think of this book.  I love Tim Downs’ books and always find myself completely surprised when reading his books.  I love the Bug Man himself, Nick. But more than that just when you think you know him and he won’t surprise, you find out something new about him. There are only a couple of Bug Man novels I haven’t gotten to, and they are sitting on my shelf waiting on my review list to shrink.
But being completely biased, I am not sure if I can truly capture my enthusiasm for this book completely, I am not sure if I can complete convey how fantastically happy this book made me. It took me a minute to get to this book, but when I started I couldn’t put it down. I don’t think it’s even possible to get enough of Nick and his adventures. No matter what they have in common (they always deal with solving some kind of crime) there’s always enough new and good stuff, that you can’t possible get tired of the Bug Man.
I am not a bug person, I don’t like them and to be honest when I see them I am more likely to kill them. But it is grossly fascinating how much information can be gathered from the simple presence (or absence) of a particular species of insects.
            This story has it all. A woman who go to the ends of the earth to find out the truth from the man that she loves and even willing to face the fact that he may have changed his mind about the wedding and her. One man who will risk it all for the sake of helping an old friend solve a long forgotten cold case. A best friend who will go to great lengths to show a soon-to-be groom the truth he’s running. Action and mystery to keep you engaged and turning the pages. Finally, an end that you never saw coming.

            No Bug Man novel would be the same without the side characters that you have gotten to know better over time. They help add humor and insight into Nick and his fiancé.

Rating: Thoroughly enjoyable read.
Recommendation: You definitely need to add this to your collection if you’re already a Tim Downs fan, and if not, what are you waiting for?

A free copy of this book was given to me in exchange for my honest review. Thanks to Booksneeze.
Always Shine,
Starr K.

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