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The Brotherhood

The Brotherhood by Jerry Jenkins
Tyndale House Publishers- January 24, 2011
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Rating: Enjoyed but slightly disappointed.

                Boone Drake has spent most of his life working toward the goal of the Organized Crime Division for the Chicago Police Department. He is a young police officer who is working hard and plays it by the books. He is happy with his beautiful wife and adorable. Everything seems to be going according to plan until one day when Drake loses everything he loves the most and his career is now in jeopardy.  He is not sure how to recover or he ever will. But a path that brings him face to face with the most dangerous gang leader also brings him face to face with a faith that he now questions and must redefine.
                 I was given the second book in this series to review, so I had to go out and get the first one. I enjoyed this book, there were parts that I felt could have gone deeper or have been less predictable. But it was still good writing. I think that Drake has a faith but like most people there are other things that he has to focus on so it’s not a priority.  The event that emphasizes is devastating, but I am not sure if anyone –regardless of the strength of their faith-could recover so quickly from. I guess that’s what’s disappointing- time does pass to show the process of grieving and healing but it still felt like it was happening too fast.
                But that’s really all of my complaints for this book. I like the struggle with faith and questioning God. I like the fact that, though it is mild, Drake turns to drinking. It’s not something common that you see in Christian fiction; alternative methods of dealing with stress and unwanted tragedies. But it’s a real response. So I appreciate that. I like the connection that develops between Drake and the gang leader. There is even the fluttering of a romance that is nicely done. 
                The ending was a lot less predictable than Drake’s faith struggle. And though I wasn’t gung-ho over this book, I am glad that I read it and I am looking forward to reading the next one. This was a different glance at cops behind the scenes and it was believable and refreshing.

Recommendation: Fans of Jerry Jenkins, police drama, adult fiction

Always Shine,
Starr K

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