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From The Editor's Desk 6/16

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Books Received:
I realized too late that last week I focused only on the kindle books I purchased and not  the print books, so that is included in this week's post as well.
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The Histories by Herodotus
Another Faust by Daniel and Dini Nayeri
Twisted by Sara Shepard 
Juliet Immortal by Stacey Jay
The Old African by Julius Lester

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The Enchanted World of Winnie the Pooh
Moon Over Star by Dianna Huts Aston
Inside Seal Team Six by Don Mann 
Gladiatrix by amy Zoll
Half World by Hiromi Goto 
Conversations with Octavia Butler by Conseula Francis 
The Dead by Charlie Higson
Lord of the Rings (set) by J.R.R. Tolkien 
Chronicles of Narnia (set) by C.S. Lewis 

What am I reading:
I have finished Glitch,and if you have been following along you know that I didn't like it. I did finish it though I wanted to give up on it. I have also made the decision to continue on with the series, Override and then Shutdown. I am going to keep an open mind on the last two books, but I will also be honest. I am hoping that the series picks up. I am also hoping to read World War Z by Max Brooks, and White Horse by Alex Adams this month. 

What I will be reading:
Well, I have a lot of books that I want to get through, some review and some for challenges. I also will not make the mistake of depriving myself of books that I just want to read.  So, stealing  borrowing an idea from a video blog I follow, The Readables, I am going to choose a theme and four to five books that fall within that theme. If I am able to throw in some other ones I will, but the goal would be to make it through the four books. I decided I wanted to focus on some anthologies for the month of July. I have tons to choose from, but I'm still narrowing the list down. 

What I wish I was reading right now:
Along with the themed books, I will be concentrating on clearing my Goodreads to-read shelf. I am making progress with On Photography by Susan Sontag. Not sure if I will continue to read it as I had been (more like a background book) or focus on it a little more to get through it quicker. I am enjoying it and it's definitely making me want to take my camera out more. But with school, and maintaining and developing this blog-well I need more time than what I've got. 

Netgalley Adds
Consume by Melissa Danell
Elysian Fields by Suzanne Johnson
Thomas Quick: The Making of a Serial Killer by Hannes Rastam

Well, that's all from my desk! Leave a link or mention in the comments on what you're reading this week!!

Always Shine,

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