Tuesday, February 19, 2013

From the Editor's Desk: Randomness

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My Blog has been taken over by book tours! Okay, so if anyone has been wondering what has happened at posting more consistently- I've been dealing with a lot of crazy! First, I signed up for a quite a few book tours, some not thinking that I would be selected,  and I've been accepted for most if not all of them. Yay! It makes me feel good, but either these tours are not as selective as I hoped that they would be or I am just that good! J/K. I actually started a reading calendar at the beginning of '13 so I could stay on top of reviews and tours and that's when I saw just how many tours were coming my way.  I will be a pretty busy tour reader for a little bit, but after next month my schedule clears up. I am in no way ungrateful for these opportunities and I am not complaining, I'm just saying I'm busy.  This business sets my reading pace a little bit stricter than I wanted it to be this year, so I don't know how many more review tours I will be participating in. 

The other craziness is this book-buying binge I've been spiraling into lately. Did you notice I didn't post my normal Sunday Editor's Desk? Well that's because I had so many books to show off that I just couldn't do it.  Half-Price was having an amazing sale that I couldn't help but take advantage of. Books-A-Million has given me an amazing coupon that I will probably use this week.  I will try to get those posted before I find permanent bookshelf space for them. 

This brings me to another thought, I know that I am participating in a few reading challenges this year. Luckily the only one that is not self-inspired is the Netgalley challenge hosted by Red House Books. I missed out in January and will miss out in February and perhaps March, but come April it's on! Something I think will help me dig into these challenges, will be an idea that I saw while reading someone else's blog.  I wish I could remember where I read about the idea so I could at least credit them with it. I want to say that it's called "Reading Through My bookshelf" but that could be another blog, so I honestly don't know. if someone knows please tell. If I remember or find out later, I will update. Basically, I will not buy another book until I have read 15 books from my own bookshelf. There are exceptions, of course there are exceptions: the Banned Book Challenge  and the 1001 Book Challenge I'm participating in. Those books are books I will buy as I get to them. (This is fine since, these challenges are what I call "tweener" challenges -books I'll read between review and fun reads. They also don't count towards the 15 books I have to read before I can purchase another. 

Well, this has been longer than I intended and I need to get my Phoebe Pope Tour post up!!!

Always Shine, 
Starr K

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