Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Series Rampage in December

Hi all! Finally! I have made it to the final week of classes. I am finished with one class altogether and will be finishing the other either today or tomorrow. I'm excited to be making progress but I am so ready for a break. I will have basically a month off from school, but will still be rather busy. But I will be working on the fun part of my life -reading, my blog and writing!  As I start working on the changes for the blog that will be in effect January 1, 2013, I will not focus solely on review books.

               However, I did think that this would be the perfect time to work through some of the series I have started, but haven't been able to get completely through. Some of them will require re-reading to catch up since I haven't visited that world in so long. Others won't, because they are currently series that I've been reading in between review books. I have a new reading policy, one that I had put in place for myself, because every new series caught my eye like something shiny and I was getting distracted. Some of the books I've listed as a series are really just trilogies- but either way I need to complete them.
The reading policy is that I can't start a new series until I've finished a series that I've already started. Some of the series I'm reading have come to an end - and others have not. For the ones that have not come to an end, all published books must be read before starting a new one. I have a page on the blog where I've started to track the series that I'm reading. And, of course, as I clear off my shelves I will probably encounter more that I've started.

I just wanted to give everyone an update so you all would know what to look for from me in December. Also, there's quite a few books I've received for review, some I have forgotten about, others I just recently received. I will be throwing those into the pile as well.  Hoping that by the end of December, a lot of the old series have been read and that I've made progress in the longer running series. 

Always Shine,
Starr K

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