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Review: The Asylum Interviews

The Asylum Interviews by Jocelyn Drake are two novellas that take place before Angel's Ink,  the first book in her new series. I have not read any of Jocelyn Drake before, but from what I have read I think I am going to have to check out her previous works

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The Asylum Interviews: Bronx  (The Asylum Tales 0.5) 
87 pages - Adult, Fiction, Fantasy, Paranormal 
Harper Voyager - July 3, 2012
Source: Purchased from Amazon 

Synopsis from Goodreads: In Low Town, where humans walk and work side-by-side with elves, vampires, ogres, and all manner of creature, it's understandable that people occasionally need a little help in their lives. Whether is love, work, or ... other, tattoo artists are there to try to help turn the odds into your favor. When Gage's friend Parker needs help with his love life, tattoo artists Gage and Bronx are only too happy to help. But the incubus ends up getting more than he bargained for with his new tattoo, and his friends are forced to scramble to fix the mess they've created before someone gets hurt

My thoughts: This was my first anything by Jocelyn Drake, and I liked it! I can immediately tell that she is a great storyteller. Though this was a quick glimpse at the characters in her new series, it was also entertaining. At the end, I knew that I wanted more. I had to have more. I think that this was a great introduction to Gage and Bronx. While it was slightly humorous at the beginning, there was depth that isn't necessarily shown in the shorter stories.  There was a nice glimpse into Gage's past and the secret that he is hiding, which creates a deeper sense of understanding. I am not sure of the roles each character will play, but I look forward to reading more about them. 
4 Stars ****
What's Next?The Asylum Interviews: Trixie (The Aslyum Tales 0.6) 

The Asylum Interviews: Trixie (The Asylum Tales 0.6) 
100 Pages - Adult, Ficition, Fantasy, Paranormal 
Harper Voyager-  September 4, 2012 
Source: Purchased from Amazon 

Synopsis from Goodreads: The second of two prequel stories to Jocelynn Drake's Angel's Ink. Gage's ex-girlfriend is back in town and needs help escaping a master vampire. While not the easiest of tasks, he certainly didn't count of getting help from a mysterious woman with a few secrets of her own.

My Thoughts:  If Bronx's story was an introduction to the characters, then Trixie's story is just a tease.   I am glad that I have a review copy of Angel's Ink so that I can dive right in. I am definitely looking forward to it after finishing this story. I really like Gage, and not just because of the hidden power that he wields, because he really is a good guy. He has a lot of connections because he is often willing to do the right thing without much regards to himself. This is also a common trait found in his friends and co-workers. What I like so far, is that he is not the only character that stands out. I am more interested in his story, but that may be because we are seeing everything through his eyes and we are in his head. I am not complaining, just explaining why I am drawn to him as a character. I do wonder what's going on in the other characters minds. While I am hoping for a showdown between Gage and the Ivory Towers, I am also hoping to learn more about Trixie, Bronx, Jo, Jill and Parker. The gargoyles seem interesting as well. Ahh, there is so much that pulls you into the story. 

4 stars **** 
What's Next? Angel's Ink

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