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Summer Reading Event with Omnific Publishing: Ember by Carol Oates

I have the wonderful opportunity to work with Omnific Publishing for the Summer Reading Blog Tour. This opportunity was made available through AToMR Tours, so thank you very much!

Ember by Carol Oates
The Ember Series #1

Omnific Publishing - July 2011
237 Pages
Twitter: @CarolOates
Source: Publishert and AToMR Tours

Rating: Vibrant with emotion, believable characters. Thoroughly enjoyed the rollercoaster ride of this book.

I was given a copy of this book, free, in exchange for an honest review.
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Whew!  I can't tell you what I was expecting when I signed up to review Ember, but whatever it was, I can say that it wasn't this.  This was an amazing, heartwrenching and heartlifting ride. A small part of me wanted it to be kind of corny, and I guess in another setting or environment it would  be. I  mean it's aboiut angels and Nephilim and the war that has not completely ended.   Ember was pushed into a whirlwind of discovery, learning who and what she truly was, who her father had been and a whole host of other secrets.. On top pf all that, she now has the burden of saving humanity on her shoulders. She must face this without really knowing who it is that she can trust.
But in truth, we don't know who it is that's trustworthy either,a nd that makes it even better. There is Sebastian who tries to hide from his bloody past. Then there's Draven who holds way too many secrets for me to fully trust him. The rivalry is thick and the sexiness factor is ramped up to dangerous heatstroke levels. 
Candra was the perfect characer to see this wold through, it was as new to her as it was to us. Maybe that's why her struggle seemed so real. I could almost feel every touch, every gasp, ever sigh. it was so utterly real that I totally forgot that angels aren't supposed to exist. I could go on and on about what I loved about this book, but to keep it short I think you should just go out and get your own copy.
If I had to list any complaints, it would be that even with the ending the enemies are not clearly defined. IF what Draven says is true than, why did he go to the lengths he went through to get everyone together.  But the cliffhanger at the end? I'm never a huge fan of cliffhangers, but I kind of liked this one. It definitely keeps you sitting on the edge of your seat while waiting for Book #1 Iridescent, due out in October.

Recommendation: Go get you a copy of Ember right now! If you don't read this, you will be disappointed.

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