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Review: In The Path of Falling Objects

In the Path of Falling Objects by Andrew Smith

Feiwel and Friends – Sept 29, 2009
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Rating: Excellent and emotional read

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            Jonah and Simon has had a pretty hard life. Their older brother, Matthew, is deployed in the Vietnam War. Their father is in a prison and their selfish mother has abandoned them to life and their own devices. In an attempt to dodge the system and to stay together, they take off where they hope to reunite with Matthew and see their father. Along the way they meet some interesting people and discover what it means to be family and what it means to be brothers.

            This is the first time that I’ve been on one of Andrew Smith’s journeys and I have to admit that I an really impressed. Jonah and Simon’s story is heartbreaking, torturous and revealing.  They meet an array of characters that all tug at you for attention. Mitch and Lilly are the first pair that they encounter. Though Mitch and Lilly offer them a ride, it comes at a price. As Mitch’s craziness and Lilly’s manipulation is revealed, Jonah and Simon learn just how dangerous their situation has become. Even at the end of the book I am still sitting on the middle of the fence about Lilly. She is definitely manipulative but she is also a victim of her situation and Mitch. I wish that I could say that I really loved or really hated her, but I can’t. Her emotions and self doubt bled through the pages , she was as undecided as I was, and it came through.
            Mitch is crazy with whole dose of psychotic. I could elaborate, say it in a different way but it would be the same. He’s not all there. This makes him interesting in a gross fascination kind of way. He’s unpredictable and dangerous, which makes him all the more alluring.  Just when you think that nothing good could befall Jonah and Simon, Dalton (and his family) and Walker come into the picture.  Dalton and Walker are then encircled in the madness of Mitch.  Walker and Dalton reintroduces hope to the story. It wasn’t the quick band-aid type of hope. It was the type that gave Jonah and Simon the strength to find each other. Without Walker and Dalton I believe their situation and Mitch would have destroyed them both.

Recommendation: This is a great introduction to Andrew Smith’s work. Smith is definitely an author to watch.

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