Sunday, June 17, 2012

Hot off the Press (27)!!

This week’s Press Release
June 17, 2012

For Review this week I received:
Well, this week I got a lot of Netgalley titles for review. Though I do try to limit the ones I request, sometimes it’s so hard. But here they are!!
More Than Sorrow by Vicki Delany
Mixed Signals by Jane Tesh
Make Believe by Ed Ifkovic
Death in the 12th House by Mitchell Scott Lewis
Scone Island by Frederick Ramsay
The 13th Target by Mark de Castrique
Bleeding Through by Sandra Parshall
Endagered by Ann Littlewood
Burrows by Reavis Z. Wortham
Face of the Enemy by Joanne Dobson and Beverle Graves Myers
Love and other Perishable Items by Laura Buzo
Goodbye to All That by Judith Arnold
Wilde’s Army by Krystal Wade
Tap Out by Eric Devine

Books I Purchased:
(I couldn’t help it)

Shadow Bound by Rachel Vincent

The Taken by Vickie Pettersson

Leave a link in the comment section so I can check out what you got this week!
Always Shine,
Starr K

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