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Review: Sometimes He Whispers, Sometimes He Roars: Learning to hear the voice of God by Marilynn Chadwickl

Sometime He Whispers, Sometimes He Roars: Learning to hear the voice of God by Marilynn Chadwick
 Howard Books – Jan 3, 2012
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Source: Libby Reed from Howard Books, for review

From Amazon: Become the Answer to SOMEONE ELSE’S PRAYER. Whether you’re new to the journey of prayer or have been praying for years, this book will take your prayer life to levels you’ve never imagined. And if you feel a little unsure about how to begin, veteran prayer warrior Marilynn Chadwick will guide you each step of the way. As Marilynn shares the amazing stories of what prayer has done in her life—and the lives of others—you’ll begin to get a vision for what your prayers can become.
                Honestly, prayer is not one of my strong suits.  Sometimes I will read books on it, on ways to integrate prayer into your life or on the power of prayer. I may even try it, but nothing really lasts. But this book was different.  The methods Chadwick talks about require discipline, but they’re also quick. Once you get in the habit of doing it, prayer becomes second nature and you really are able to “pray without ceasing”.
                She has broken prayer down into realistically doable parts, and has spread its wings so that prayer touches global concerns as well as local ones. And honestly, what can be better than that? From experience I can say that some books on prayer can be long and tedious.  Sometime He whispers, Sometimes He Roars was fresh, relevant and inspiring.  It was also an enjoyable read, a nice glimpse into someone else’s prayer journey.

This copy was given to me by Howard Books, free, in exchange for my honest review. 
Always Shine,
Starr K

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