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Review: The Betrayal by Jerry B. Jenkins

The Betrayal by Jerry B. Jenkins
Precinct 11 Book 2
Tyndale House Publishers, Inc – August 17, 2011
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From Goodreads: Detective Boone Drake has just masterminded the most massive sting in Chicago history, bringing down the heads of not only the biggest street gangs in the city but also the old crime syndicate. The story is the biggest in decades, and the Chicago Police Department must protect the key witness at all costs. Despite top secret plans to transfer the witness ahead of his testimony before the grand jury, an attempt is made on his life. And the person suspected of leaking this information may be one of the CPD’s own
                What do you do when the person that you respect and look up to betrays you deeply? Boone Drake is back and this is that he has to deal with. Because of the way that book 1 ended, I don’t want to ruin it by mentioning the ending here. (Go read it!) Drake also has to decide whether he stands by the person he is beginning to love or believe what the people he’s known the longest are telling him. I have to say that I like the second book a lot better than the first. After reading both there is a marked difference in how faith is approached in the story. But that could simply be because Drake is in different place than he was in the first book.
                While I felt that things were a little rushed in Book1 , I think that there was an even pace with this second installment.  The Betrayal was something that cut deeply both professionally and personally for the characters. It was nice to see the determination back when Drake faced another obstacle in his life. Though his faith was still a work in progress, it was much more a part of who Drake was. The characters had obviously grown and they were digging deeper than before.
                To be honest I have to admit that I was more interested in the workings of the police department then Drake’s faith.  Maybe this was expected because it was not as much as a character (as it kind of was in The Brotherhood) as it was an aspect of a character (as it was in The Betrayal).  I wanted to believe that she was innocent, but the evidence was compelling and if not her, the truth was much more devastating. 

This book was given to me, free, in exchange for my honest review. 
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  1. Sounds like an interesting series. Thanks for your review. Hugs :O)