Sunday, September 11, 2011

Tithing: test me in this by Douglas Leblanc

Eleven different stories come together to tell the story of peoples experiences with tithing. Each story discusses how they came to the decision to not only tithe, but to tithe faithfully. Some of the stories are shared as a couple invites Leblanc in for a glimpse of their life.  Some are the stories of individuals. But the connection that ties all of the stories together is the fact that tithing has made a tangible difference in the way that they live out their faith but how they view their finances.
The stories were inspiring and gave a refreshing look on the aspect of tithing. There is much debate about whether tithing should continue, whether to tithe of the net or gross income. But that was not what this book was about. It was a gathering of people who decided to share what tithing meant to them and how God fulfilled the promise of Malachi 3:10 in their lives. This was not a typical approach to the topic, but it allowed the book to be read with an open mind and open heart/ Depending on how open you are to the topic will determine how much of impact the book will have you and your view on tithing.
I finished the book with a better understanding of tithing, Tithing doesn’t just offer scripture and the Biblical perspective, but it’s personal. It’s also not just a matter of “ I gave my tithe and God provided”. The people who shared their stories struggled and they had to wait, they had to adjust their living so that they could faithfully tithe.  I also leave with a different impression of what tithing is really about. It’s not simply an obligation, or a discipline of faith. It is good stewardship.

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